Is A Recession On The Horizon? With Economist Dr. Joshua Harris

EAW 9: Is A Recession On The Horizon? With Economist Dr. Joshua Harris

 Hi Investors! In this episode, Dessi and I interview economist Dr. Joshua Harris. He is currently the vice president of development strategy for Skanska. He is a former consultant, professor and head of the UCF and NYU real estate departments. We discuss things like the yield curve inversion, trade policy, affordable housing and much more. This is a great…

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Keys to Successful Investing

EAW 8: Keys to Successful Passive Investing

Hi Investors! In this episode, we share tips and strategies to successful passive investing. Essentially, what you should know before working with a sponsor. Passive investing has been a way many people have built wealth over the years. Passive investors are able to partner with little work by bringing in their capital to purchase a property. Of course, the key…

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Episode 7 Raising Capital

EAW 7: Raising Capital with Securities Attorney Gene Trowbridge

  In this episode, our guest Gene Trowbridge, a Securities Attorney with discusses rules that must be followed to raise capital. There are a lot of investors out there raising money without following the necessary rules and regulations which can put them in danger of large penalty fees or prison. Additionally, Gene discusses the top ways syndicators should raise…

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Episode 6

EAW 6: What Investors Should Know About BRRR Investing

   Hey Investors! In this show, we discuss the benefits and risks of using the BRRR strategy. BRRR stands for Buy, Repair, Refinance, and Repeat. It is typically used by flippers and syndicators to buy properties, renovate, and refinance with a cash-out of the property. In most cases, investors use these funds to buy additional properties to build their…

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Podcast Episdoe 5

EAW 5: Bridge Capital and Portfolio Loans for Multifamily Properties

       Welcome to Everything About Wealth!   This is a summary of episode 5 of the Everything About Wealth podcast, Bridge Capital and Portfolio Loans for Multifamily. If you were with us on our last podcast episode, Paul Winterowd reviewed the benefits of using HUD, FHA, Fannie and Freddie Mac loan programs. On this podcast, we continue…

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Episode 4 Podcast Financing Options

EAW 4: Financing Options for Multifamily Real Estate

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”] Download Now Welcome to Everything About Wealth! This is podcast number 4, Financing Options for Multifamily Real Estate.  On this podcast, we have a commercial mortgage broker with us to discuss several finance options to buy multifamily property. This episode is great for syndicators buying multifamily properties and of course, capital / passive investors…

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EAW 3: The FIRE Movement – Strategies for Financial Independence

[podcast src=”” height=”360″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”standard”] Download Now On episode three of the podcast we discussed the FIRE movement it is becoming more popular among millennials. For those of you that haven’t heard about the FIRE movement, FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. For those of you who may already be in your fifties or sixties, it means Financial…

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EAW 2: Creative Ways to Invest with Retirement Accounts

[podcast src=”” height=”360″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”standard”] Download Now On the second episode of our podcast Everything About Wealth, I interviewed Jason Debono Vice President of Nuview IRA. Jason graduated from the University of Central Florida and holds a Certified IRA Services Professional Designation from the Institute of Certified Bankers. He made his mark in the self-directed account industry fourteen years…

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Top 3 Issues Financial Illiteracy

Top 3 Issues That Arise From Financial Illiteracy

“In 2017 Northwestern Mutual study, 82% of Americans felt they were somewhere or not at all confident in their understanding of investing” Preparing Clients for a Successful Wealth Transfer. Financial literacy is not a subject matter most of us are taught in school. So it can be comprehensible why there is such a high percentage of Americans who do not feel…

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