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Thanks for stopping by Everything About Wealth. A community focused on building wealth and essentially the life we each individually desire. We hope you have come to learn because we have tons of resources on the page for you to scavenger through. Excuse the mess. We are still working on adding new resources daily.

We are Denny and Dessiree (or Dessi). After years of wishing we could have more, we finally decided to take a risk and find a way to become financially independent. What was our goal? Our goal was to be financially well-off to travel, have more flexible time to spend with friends and family, and financially independent to decide where or who we worked for.

Well enough about us and more about the website. You can read more about our story on our introductory page. Everything About Wealth is a online community of resources to help you find the best financial plan for building wealth. We are not hear to tell you “THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE MONEY” like some speakers or gurus do. There is more than one way to make money! You need to find what is the best form of wealth building for YOURSELF.

Our website is going to have information on real estate, personal finance, businesses, and more. As Dessiree says “if it makes money, we want to talk about it.” So feel free to make yourself comfortable and make your way around the online community. We have a resource center, podcast, free webinars and ebooks, and much more.

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